Creating an android FAB (floating action button) [Android] in my website

I want to share with you a way to make a FAB (Floating Action Button), which are used in applications made for Android and iOS. It will make our website more modern and that is familiar to the user using smartphones daily.

The result is as follows



Here I show the code


Entity API Drupal 7 Basic Example

A basic example of building a custom entity in Drupal 7. The code here. Presentation here.

Basic calculator in Android

I want to share a code to make a basic calculator in Android. The code is very simple, is at the following link: Bitbucket

I hope this code can help someone. 


Free Drupal Themes

You can find nice free drupal themes in Devsaran

Here some examples:

(jsTree) how to change the label or string "New node" when a new node is created?

This time is going to explain how to change the label "New node" in the jstree plugin (, when a new node is created. It's really very simple.

In the core funcionality can be changed the  default "strings" variable included in the file jquery.jstree.js on lines 341-345 of the plugin:

When we create a jstree instance,  we can set the "strings" variable in the following way: